Monday, August 9, 2010

T-Bone Steak

Saturday I was walking around the market trying to find something different for dinner and I came across two wonderful t-bone steaks. 

 I rubbed the steaks down with cracked black pepper, sea salt and crushed garlic.  Then I liberally massaged olive oil into the meat and set it aside to come to room temperature before cooking in a cast iron pan.

These steaks were only about 3/4 of an inch thick so I went with 3 minutes and 30 seconds on each side for a nice rare - to medium rare steak.

The trick to a good steak in a pan is to use cast iron, preheat the pan on medium high heat and don't move the steak around once it's in the pan.  Set the timer and wait to turn.  If you mess with it you won't get nice carmelized pan marks.

I served my steak with baby broccoli and mushroom risotto.

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