Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fresh & Easy Fig Bars Reviewed

My morning tea consisted of my usual pot of Irish Breakfast Tea along with a new addition of Fresh & Easy Fig Bars.
I love figs and fig bars.  Once I realized that the world had more to offer than Fig Newton's I've been on a bit of quest to find the perfect fig cookie.  I usually shy away from anything that contains high fructose corn syrup which eliminates most mass produced bars.  My usually favorite is Newman's Own.  Although the Fresh & Easy bars are pretty damn delicious.

They are small, full of fruit and have a nice crumb texture.  The filling is not overly sweet and has a nice rounded raisin flavor which I think pairs nicely with a strong cup of tea. 

Fresh and Easy Fig Bars have a very non scary ingredient list.  The top two ingredients are enriched wheat flour and fig puree followed by cane syrup.  If they could somehow ditch the whey powder and corn flour I'd be an even bigger fan.  I don't see any reason why these delicious little treats couldn't be elevated to vegan status making them available to all.

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  1. Seems like Fresh & Easy adds whey to a lot of their items.