Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cakey Choco Cherry Cookies

Ingredients: 2 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 5-6 tablespoons Dutch Cocoa, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 stick of butter, 1 egg, 1/3 cup of milk + about 2 tablespoons, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup of dried cherries

In the bowl of your food processor using the blade attachment pulse together all the dry ingredients.   Then add the chilled butter cut into cubes.  Next dump in the choco chips, vanilla extract, egg and milk.  Pulse several times to combine.  It will be very thick.  Dump into a bowl and add in the cherries.  Slowly add in milk 1 tablespoon at a time until the cookie dough comes together.  You shouldn't need more than about 2 maybe 3 tablespoons of milk.

Spoon out decent size portions on a parchment lines cookies sheet.  Bake for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

 These cookies will not spread much on the pan and will be incredible cakey.  I think they go excellent with a super cold glass of milk.

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