Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rose Bowl Kitchen Finds

I went to the Rose Bowl today to look for some fun new kitchen toys and came away with a nifty toaster cover, 2 Fire King soup bowls, a stash of new hankies and two new cookbooks!  I was a little bummed that I didn't find any Corelle Crazy Daisy aka Spring Blossom to add to my collection, but at least I scored a few fun new pieces for my kitchen.  The green Fire King pattern in the soup bowls mixes in nicely with my current kitchen theme.

The Fire King soup bowls will get used really soon for french onion soup.  Who doesn't love rich french onion soup with a crusty cheesy top?

The cook books provide more entertainment value than anything else.  These were both published in 1959 so the focus is on all the bountiful canned and frozen foods that are now available to the busy career girl.  I'm tempted to through a 1959 themed tea party and only make confections found in the books.

My true love of the day was the toaster cover.  I think it's just perfect in my kitchen.

Off to prep my crock pot chicken for a Chicken Taco Bar dinner.  Monday's dinner will be simple & delicious.

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